This website has been set up to provide information for the community, other stakeholders, and Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia on the Fairmont Wind Farm, which is located in the County of Antigonish, Nova Scota.

Energy Generated

Since commissioning to as of December 13 2016, the Fairmont Wind Project has generated a total of 52.68 GWh of clean renewable energy. 

Updated photos of the wind farm - Winter 2014/2015

Post-Construction Monitoring Annual Report 2013

The results of the post-construction monitoring have been compiled in the Annual report. To see the results please visit the 'Studies' page of the website under the 'What's Happening?' page. 

Energization of the turbines

On November 21st 2012, the two turbines that make up the Fairmont Wind Farm were energized. The 4.6 MW wind farm has been producing power to be intergrated in the distribution grid to supply renewable energy to homes in the community.